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Plastic surgery

Publié par Emma Ponthier

Have you ever wondered why so many people undergo plastic surgery? In case you have an accident, of course, it seems logical to resort to surgery. If your nose or ears lead you to a complex that makes your whole life a hell , it seems only natural to do something. A complex can destroy your blossoming. Now, when you see extreme situations, not to name Michael Jackson ( He was so handsome when he was black!) or that rich woman whose husband turned her face into a lion because he liked cat-like looks, you may be frightened. Henceforth, girls who want to look like Barbies and men who want to look like Ken freak me out. There are many ways where you can improve your looks, starting with a healthy diet and practising a sport on a regular basis. What comes to some people's mind sometimes, famous or not, to look like something which is not human makes me think that some people are really sick in their heads and the surgeons who accept to do so are all the more to blame for such nonsense. It is shameful that some teenagers should be influenced by abnormality, thinking they will be perfectly normal if they look like skeletons with no hips, faces with no personality, their brain fading away. Some people even have some of their ribs removed to look thinner. Their health is endangered but they couldn't care less as long as they reach what perfection means to them. In the most extreme cases, plastic surgery is an addiction which costs them an arm and a leg but they are so eager to feel gorgeous that they would spend a fortune to look like a freak.

Have you also wondered why two famous brothers ( Names starting with a B) decided one day, in the spur of the moment, to look like extra terrestrials? What exactly occured in their brains at that very moment? Maybe they had always been dreaming of scarying people and that is what happened though they don't seem repulsed by their own aspect, far from being human.

Some of our favourite actresses did stupid things to their faces, just because Hollywood wanted them to do so, otherwise they would have been out. If you are not young, busty and blond-haired, you are out anyway...

Everlasting youth is what many people are seeking through strange experiments sometimes. The issue can be fatal and some damage cannot be repaired in their quest for the Holy Grail. Just like Dorian Gray, they would be ready to sell their souls to the devil for eternal youth and beauty.

That's why I am asking : When will brains start being the new sexy?

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