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Publié le par Emma Ponthier


I have always loved skyscrapers, these huge buildings made of iron, steel, copper, flirting with concrete and glass. The reflection of a building on another, with a glimmering sunshine can be just awesome at dusk or dawn, depending on your point of view. Whatever the weather, the pics can always be amazing. Even a shadow, or a cloud can add some magic to the entire gleaming effect created by these concrete creatures.

While the Manhattan skyline is the most impressive, Toronto's buildings remind me of the city that never sleeps. Thus, the glass buildings are gorgeous and give a tremendous impression of height to each street and avenue. The shiny sides of the buildings, when the sun sets with glistening orange and pink colours, depending on the day's weather, always add a different tone to the shades of the sky. The view can lead to a sparkling rainbow of emotions.

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Nadia 12/08/2017 12:17

Nicely said! Lovely!