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The underworld

Publié le par Emma Ponthier

The underworld
The underworld
The underworld

As the fridge and the cupboard were empty again, Emma had decided to go to the supermarket. She was starving as usual, which didn’t help her much because she couldn’t resist temptation in front of those chocolate boxes, cookies and other mouth- watering sweets…

After wandering around the different departments and having picked up as many sweets as she could, she decided to be sensible again and headed towards the cashier.

The crowd was amazing and she started daydreaming …she had been waiting for twenty minutes when she realized it was her turn to put her stuff on the treadmill. When it was time to pay, she realized her handbag had disappeared. She looked everywhere but couldn’t find it and she really was panic-stricken. Her whole life was in this bag, identification cards, driving license, credit cards, mobile…

“Oh my god”, she cried out, “someone stole my bag!!!”

“What am I gonna do????!!!”

I thought the woman at the check-out would sympathize with me and help me but she couldn’t care less!

My face was as white as a sheet and the more anxious I was, the more satisfied the woman seemed to be. One would have expected her, at that moment, to call for help, or at list to react, but that was obviously not what she intended to do.

“If only she could get rid of that awful grin”, I thought for a while. “I would feel so much better…she really doesn’t help”.

Suddenly, things went real fast. In the twinkling of an eye, two strong men seized my arm and forced me to follow them. At first glance, they didn’t look like policemen or security guards. They were the kind of guys you would expect to see in an action movie or a thriller, in any case, not the kind you would like to meet in a deserted street at night…not even in a supermarket during the day, anyway…

I checked quickly if there were some hidden cameras. Maybe I was going to be in a stupid reality show directed by some even more stupid producers….but no…my feet didn’t even touch the ground as they were taking me away. We ended up by a river, walked under a bridge where we headed towards an entrance I could hardly make out because of the mist surrounding it. I didn’t even try to fight or escape, feeling the strong pressure on my wrists, pangs of remorse catching my mind….”Why was this whole thing happening to me???Why did I deserve to be treated that way?”, “Why did I go shopping that day?”

Unfortunately, no one answered my prayers.

Not only did I feel treated like a slave but I was also wondering if the worst was not about to come. “What were these two men built like a tank holding in store for me?” “Were they going to ask for a ransom and torture me?”

A huge door, covered with ivy, opened in a shrieking noise and I found myself in a town under the ground, another civilization with weird people inside. They were wearing strange clothes that looked more like wraps than clothes anyway and were pushing trolleys with people instead of food! “How strange,” I thought….”What are these people doing, and where am I?”

At that moment, I heard a voice coming from the ceiling, though I hadn’t noticed any loudspeakers, saying “New earthling arriving…get ready for preparation…”

“What preparation??????What does it mean????What the hell is going on here?????”

If that was some kind of a joke, we definitely had a different sense of humour and it was high time I reacted, having been too paralyzed before….

With a strength probably due to my survival instinct, I leaped from the trolley the two guys had put me into and bit one of their arms as hard as I could. The tough guy was taken aback by surprise and began yelling at me. Too late for him, I had time to escape and I started running away, my heart beating so fast I thought it was going to pierce through my chest and make my whole body explode in a gust of fright. Breathless, I ran through long corridors which looked like mole galleries without knowing where I was going…

After a mad run throughout these dark galleries, I ended up in a room in which there were trolleys filled up with….no, that could not be possible…oh my god….corpses!!! Dead bodies. That was not possible, I was going to wake up, that had to be a nightmare….I pinched myself real hard to check my theory and I was really disappointed. I was actually not dreaming and what I was going to see next was even worse. A chef was sharpening a huge knife and cutting the bodies into pieces, then pouring the bits in a huge saucepan filled with boiling spicy water. When he turned his face in my direction, I realized that it was not that of a human. Nothing was rational here… On the table was laying a cook book whose title was “How to cook earthlings?” Someone arrived behind me, held my wrist very tight and a smell of chloroform invaded my nostrils. The whole room became fuzzy and I fainted…

“Eh Jack, can you bring this body here?”

“Ok, hum, that one looks skinny, not much to eat…”

“Never mind, skinny bodies are always the tastiest!”

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