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The creature

Publié par Emma Ponthier


Tania had been living in that old manor for a year now and the thick mist surrounding it every morning was adding some kind of magic and mystery to this ancient gothic-typed structure. Her lifestyle was not typical of a usual teenager’s as she had always refused any technological device to interfere with her everyday life. She seemed to belong to another century. Her looks deferred from the other girls' of her age, as if she had never heard of the word fashion, hairdresser, make up or anything that had a link with beauty or things teenage girls are usually interested in.
Her mother had died a few years before, when she was only ten, her father had neither married again, nor settled into a serious relationship and the only person he cared about was his own daughter. By the age of fifteen, Tania had not had many friends and was often laughed at by her schoolmates whom she only met at school and whose aims and interests in life were different from Tania’s, which kept her aloof. Some students had tried to talk to her, but both the fact she refused to engage in any conversation and the eerie place she lived in, had foredoomed her to the present situation, that is to say isolation, loneliness, solitude and boredom. Anyway, she could not care less. One girl of her class was a little curious about her lifestyle, and one day, she had decided to follow her on her way back home. She was hiding behind every tree, snaking in and out until they reached the manor. While Tania was talking to a man outside, probably a gardener, or might it be a butler or some sort of domestic servant. Whoever it was, the girl seized the opportunity she was offered to sneak into the house so as to spy on Tania, as if she thought the latest was hiding some kind of secret she might be interested in telling the other classmates about.
She ended up in Tania’s room, hid under her bed, could hardly breathe because of the dusty floor which was probably not often cleaned. For a moment, she thought she had been stupid to decide to come to this place and started wondering how she was going to cope with the present situation. Tania arrived in her room and started looking around, as if she was suspecting someone had entered the room, as if she was feeling her presence. There was something unearthly about all this. Her whole body started quivering under the bed, sensing an imminent danger of ill omen. She could hardly make out a dim light around Tania. A creasing noise could be heard…could she be taking her clothes off, heading for the shower? What could she be doing?
As she was under the bed, she heard something falling down, first thinking they were clothes when she realized, panic-stricken, that she had been taking off her own skin! Tania was some kind of mutant or an extra- terrestrial. The girl under the bed could not help uttering a muffled scream, inevitably attracting Tania’s attention. In the twinkling of an eye, she bent down and the girl, bewildered, stared at an amazing creature with tentacles, paralyzing her until she fainted and lapsed into a coma. When she woke up, she had turned into a creature as well.

Tania's victim.

Tania's victim.

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